My Journey at ApplicateAI

Since mid of June, I am working as a trainee at ApplicateAI. In this article, I will share my journey at ApplicateAI, what is ApplicateAI all about, what I do there, and how did I get in there. So, without any further delay, let us get started.

The journey started with an email from my university’s placement committee regarding the opening for a Software Testing Engineer profile at ApplicateAI’s Gurugram office. The selection rounds which were a three-stage process of technical & aptitude tests, technical interviews, and an HR round. The technical and aptitude tests comprised of various MCQs on Java, SQL, Testing, and Aptitude related questions. Apart from the MCQs, there were a couple of questions on problem-solving using our programming skills.

Once I cleared the 1st round, my name was shortlisted for the technical interview where I was interviewed by the QA Manager of ApplicateAI on my technical skills. It went on for almost 45mins and comprised of various questions on Java, OOPs, SQL, and simple testing-related questions. Apart from various technical questions, there was some discussion on the projects I mentioned in my resume.

After the technical round, I was shortlisted for the HR round. The HR round was pretty short and lasted for hardly 20 mins where I was asked a variety of questions to assess who I am as a person. Those included my hobbies, favorite past times, things I am passionate about, how will I react in a particular situation, and similar. A couple of days after the final round, I got the offer letter to join ApplicateAI at their Gurugram office as a Software Testing Engineer trainee.

The joining process was pretty smooth with me getting guidance on how various things work in the company. What all technologies do they use, the way they structure their project, and some other onboarding sessions which were wrapped up in the first week. Once the onboarding ended, I was part of a live project where I did multiple tasks of testing which included various testing jobs such as integration testing, sanity testing, smoke testing, end-to-end testing, load testing, and automating various tests scenarios to reduce human effort. And all these happened as per the Agile method of software development. The tech stack and tools that I worked on include Appium Java, MySQL, Apache JMeter, Jira, Tuskr, and some others.

Among all the tasks, the things that I liked doing the most included automating various test scenarios using Appium where I played the active role to develop the base framework to automate the process for PWAs, writing complex SQL queries to fetch the data so as to validate if the app is working fine and performing load testing of APIs using Apache JMeter. One of the main reasons I enjoyed these was the fact that I never worked on them before. I never worked on Appium (an automation testing framework in Java), JMeter, and complex SQL queries before joining ApplicateAI.

I look forward to having a good time at ApplicateAI.



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Aditya Mishra

Aditya Mishra


Computer Science Student. Enthusiastic in Application Development, fitness and learning new things.